By Roseanne McNeill

My House Is a Mess.

The kids’ toys are all over the place. My laundry hasn’t been done for days and the dishwasher needs emptying. The house is a total mess and needs a thorough vacuum. Oh, we are low on groceries too. I am an awful mother! Does this sound like you?

What should you do? Take the kids to the park. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. And more importantly, enjoy the children while they are young. All too fast they will be grown and gone. Then there is ample time to be the perfect housewife and cook. The cleaning, shopping and tidying, while important, can wait. The days you spend with your children in meaningful and fun activities are more precious than you can ever know and will make an everlasting difference.

Looking back thirty-five years, I am glad that I spent the time with our children when they were young. We went to the park and fed the ducks on the river. We visited the library and joined Storytime. We learned to skate and swim, paint, listen to music, dance and make believe. We had birthday parties with friends and family. We went sliding and fishing. Kids came over to play in the sandbox, or we visited neighbourhood kids and moms.

Those things are important to a child’s development; so much is learned from them. The cleaning and shopping are certainly necessary but they are secondary. So don’t feel guilty or be stressed if your house isn’t perfect. Cook nutritious meals and be actively involved with your kids. Those are the things that matter the most.



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