Cloth Diapers: Much Cooler Than You Might Think…

By Katie Mark

Hey, you! Yeah you, staring at your device reading this article. I’ve been where you are – on the fence about what type of diapers to use. I remember starting my research with visions of large flannel rectangles, intricate folding techniques and diaper pins that I was sure to skewer my future child with (accidentally, of course). Instead, upon googling the term “cloth diapers” the Internet rose up and smacked me in the face with so much information that I almost fell off my chair. Multiple times I had to shut off my computer and flee because I was so overwhelmed by the volume of choices and loudly voiced opinions.

Here’s the nice, calming news. Cloth diapering is not difficult. It is not harder or more work than using disposables. It does not involve excessive poop handling, ridiculous laundry techniques, or really any grossness beyond what any parent deals with on a daily basis.

Modern cloth diapering has come a long way. Instead of bulky, saggy, complicated things, they are now trim and fashionable! That’s right; they are downright adorable. They are super simple to use, with most going on in one step just like disposable diapers. Poop is a breeze to deal with with handy devices like flushable liners, and unless pushing a button is too challenging, the laundry is not going to have an impact on your social life.


And here are just a few of the many perks of using cloth:

  • You will save money. About $2000 in the first 2.5 years of your child’s life. I can think of a lot of things I would rather spend that on than something to catch what comes out of my child’s nether regions.
  • It will reduce your environmental impact. Even taking laundry into account, cloth diapers still use less resources, energy and even water than manufacturing 5000-7000 disposable diapers. Nevermind the thousands of pounds of non-degradable waste that you won’t be adding to the landfill.
  • You’ll expose that brand new tushie to way less chemicals. Disposables do their job with the assistance of tons of chemicals, dyes, fragrances, inks and more, many of which with known or suspected health effects. Yuck.
  • Less diaper rash! All of those lovely ingredients we mentioned above can trigger allergic reactions, and wrapping a bum in non-breathing plastic 24 hours a day is an awesome way to get a rash!
  • Earlier potty training, which (let’s not kid ourselves) we all desire almost as much as chocolate and an undisturbed night of sleep. Since cloth lets kids feel wetness, they tend to learn at an earlier age.
  • The fun. No, I’m not kidding, or crazy. Matching your diapers to baby’s outfits, chatting with new friends about cloth, bonding with other parents in cloth diaper Facebook groups or rolling in all that money you’ve saved – those are just a few ways cloth can help you to enjoy diapering!


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I highly encourage any parents who have even had fleeting thoughts about cloth diapering to do some research. Attending a cloth diaper workshop is a great way to learn the basics without being completely overwhelmed, and gives you a chance to check out the diapers, ask lots of questions and make a confident diapering decision!

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