When you feel true passion for something ! The birth of Eating Evolvd


By: Keren Reiser

Do you ever feel done? What is done? What is success? What do you want to be good at?
I never feel done. My claim to fame and legacy will always be that I am a mom to 4 boys and live a very busy life.

After 4 kids, finally acknowledging that while I love being pregnant, love being a mom…I was done. Some families get a puppy….have more children… I decided to start a business!

I was ready to start the next chapter in my career because staying at home was never going to make me feel complete. I want to be there for my boys and be able to volunteer at school but I thrive on being busy.I thrive on being passionate and nothing gets done unless I am pressed for time and passionate to reach a goal.  Being passionate about what I do which means that anything is possible.

I really wanted to return to my passion for food and nutrition. I love food. I love creating new ideas. I love the infinite possibilities of creating tasty healthy meals.

Evolvd to me is about being real. I love the vibe of people who are energized and value eating well. While I am not a chef, I am a Registered Dietitian, I know good food and I know how to put flavours and meals together. We are a modern “Meals on Wheels” for busy working professionals and families.

We take pride on preparing meals from scratch that have no processed ingredients, no refined sugar, no white flour. Just plain wholesome meals.


A few months ago, I was inspired by a thought provoking lecture by Thomas Friedman, an economist who writes for the New York Times. Mr. Friedman talked about how today’s world is changing exponentially and that the concept of “Average” is over. We live in a disposable society where everyone wants a quick fix, super pill and expects it all on demand. The amount of information available online and types of diets is staggering. Once I enter the online world, I never know when to stop searching for the next recipe.

The notion that average being over and the over abundance of choice has been fuelling me through my passion to create a company that has the simple value of providing people with clean healthy meal options no matter what diet or meal plan they want to pursue. We want to provide an exceptional service that is SMART. Eating Evolvd is about creating SMART goals for the conscious consumer.

Specific – The client decides exactly which menu plan works for their lifestyle

Measurable – Each size is portion controlled with nutritional information available to track your intake

Achievable – Reach your nutrition goals with flavourful meals that available fresh never frozen. Weekly subscriptions are even easier because you never have to remember to order and will always have your meals ready for pick up.

Realistic– We use gluten free whole food ingredients, local, no refined sugars, no processed foods. Each meal has a list of ingredients available before ordering.

Timely – We now offer home delivery on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings or delivery to a designated Evolvd partner gym on Monday and Thursday’s mornings before noon.

We provide Sunday afternoon freedom. The freedom to know you can focus on what you enjoy and spend time doing other things.


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