What’s the secret to looking like you have your life together when you’re a wife, mom and a full-time

career woman? There is none. Besides having a supportive family, going to bed really late at night and

skipping a few weeks of vacuuming in exchange for cuddles, it’s hard to strive for perfection when you’re

juggling a thousand priorities. People always ask me, as a busy mom, how do I make the time to do all the

things that I do?


      Here is what I tell them:


  • Get a large family calendar and put your time management skills to action
  • Plan your week ahead, not more. I never plan past one week, because it allows me to be more flexible and not be overwhelmed with what the future holds
  • Have a good babysitting network
  • Carve out dedicated time to give undivided attention to your kids and family (no interruptions please!)
  • Carve out you time (very important!)
  • Let go of perfection and don’t be so hard on yourself. The house will eventually get cleaned. For example, I sometimes clean the rest of my bathroom when my son is having a bath.
  • Multitasking, only when safe to do so (see example above)


      Now the question is, how do you remain stylish while doing all of the above? Simple!


  • Hair: When it comes to my hair, I try to stretch it out between washes. If I blow dry my hair, and/or curl it, I can extend the wear. On the last few days, I wear it up in a ponytail or bun.
  • Makeup: Lipstick is so easy and makes you look done up in a flash. I like to use a tinted moisturizer, spot concealer under my eyes and to hide any blemishes, mascara, bronzer, blush and eye brow pencil. My routine takes me about 5 minutes and I can do this while my son brushes his teeth.
  • Outfits: I like to look up inspirational ideas on Instagram or Pinterest and I will choose an outfit that works for my day. If I have a business meeting at work, then a social event in the evening, I’ll wear something that I can transition easily. You could pick your outfit the night before, but to be honest… who really has time for that?
  • Accessories: I love to splurge on handbags, shoes, scarves and jewelry. It’s an easy way to up your look with very little effort.


If you’re looking for more styling tips, fashion inspiration, seasonal trends or simply looking to shop in

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