Källababy’s B2B Mission

Let’s face it, if you are running a small business, you are wearing many hats… sometimes too many. The majority of us, especially in the family industry, are parents as well, balancing the demands of raising kids and growing a business. The rewards along the road to success for an entrepreneur are numerous: satisfaction from helping a client, independence, ability to pursue your passion as a career. While your friends, relatives, and others who are not in the trenches with you see the fruits of your labour, what they often do not realize is that your journey to the stars is powered by the most non-renewable fuel of all – time.

We cannot create more hours in the day to allow us to get the work done and enjoy some free time with our families or just de-compress solo. Therefore, we must prioritize and the choices are never easy.

Our B2B mission is to help you save that precious time which can be devoted to tasks more enjoyable than scouring social media and the Internet for information. So, how can Källababy help with your B2B needs in concrete terms?

From the get-go we envisioned our platform not just as a means of helping parents find what they need and want, but as a support system for the… let’s not use “little guy”… maybe “compact entrepreneur”. In an environment that’s complex enough, we are keen on absolute simplicity.


  • We’ve created a section on the site specifically dedicated to connecting business owners with business services. These range from web development companies to testing labs, and everything in between. If you can find it all in one place, then “efficiency” is the name of your game.


  • We want to make networking in your industry easy for you. We work with various types of businesses: service providers, retail store owners, independent vendors, wholesale distributors. If you want to find a retailer or distributor for your products, all you need to do is type in “store” or “distributor” into Källababy search and start talking to them. Similarly, if you are looking for new cool and unique products for your store or distribution company, just have a look at the Products section.


  • Can businesses listed in Products collaborate with Services? Of course, perhaps you’re a massage therapist looking for new gentle, all-natural products to use on your clients. Maybe your company makes healthy snacks for kids and you would like to set up a mutual promotion with a local indoor playground. Talk to each other, it’s easy and it’s a win-win situation!


To sum it up, when we set out to create an all-in-one resource, we meant it. It is our goal to help you reach your full potential, realize your dream. We’ll walk together, day after day, strong and determined.





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