Babywearing in Canada (BWIC) Conference 2016

We are delighted and honoured to participate in this year’s BWIC conference to be held on May 20-21 at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre. With numerous engaging and knowledgeable speakers, it promises to be a great start to our long weekend. The central theme of Day 1 is breastfeeding success, while Day 2 will be focused on fathers’ involvement in raising kids. Other important topics will include babywearing and breastfeeding, the role of a post-partum doula, infant sleep, parenting without guilt, and so much more! You can view the full schedule here.

Debora Rodrigues, who is the “president and jack of all trades” of Babywearing in Canada has once again put a super-human effort into this year’s event. This is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills for your new role as a parent. The next best thing to a baby manual!

Attend in person or watch the webcast at your convenience, have a look here and keep in mind that tickets are now on sale.

I will be taking part in the dads’ panel answering questions and sharing experiences. Come say hello and ASK ME ANYTHING 🙂



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