Källababy Review: The Nest Family Massage Therapy

The Nest Family Massage Therapy  


What do massage and maple syrup have in common? Shelley Schroeder RMT! While rarely (let’s hope) combined, Shelley is an expert at both. When not busy turning trees into deliciousness, this highly skilled therapist provides massage for clients of all ages. Who knew that pediatric massage was a thing? I certainly did not, but when Shelley, the owner of  The Nest Massage Therapy joined Kallababy, my curiosity was peaked and now I am a believer.


My daughter, who is a veritable monkey-bar addict and never stops practicing her head-stands  and other maneuvers fit for the circus, had been asking me to take her for a “real massage” for a while. I now had the perfect opportunity to provide some relief for her little sore body and see what The Nest is all about.



I was pleasantly surprised to learn how seriously Shelley approaches treatments for the little ones. As she correctly points out “they are not just small versions of adults, they are still developing in many ways and need to be supported and treated in an age appropriate and developmentally appropriate manner.” She is a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist which gives her the insight necessary to produce the best results from touch therapy for kids.

Relieving the natural stranger anxiety is something Shelley does expertly in the beginning of the session. Through play scenarios, she builds the trust necessary to provide a therapeutic massage which the child will enjoy. At least one parent always stays in the treatment room while the massage takes place and it immediately stops if the young patient is not comfortable for any reason whatsoever. Comfort, however, is a top priority at The Nest; in addition to the usual table where parents and older kids get put back in top shape, the youngest visitors can be treated on a soft carpet amidst comfy pillows. There are also toys in the waiting area and… wait for it… childminding services once a week! It’s a brilliant arrangement designed with the needs of a family in mind.

Achy muscles might be a great reason to fly to The Nest, but it’s not the only one. Especially when it comes to children, touch therapy provided by a caring professional is a wonderful healing practice for children with special needs and learning difficulties. The emotionally positive and soothing factor in these treatments cannot be overlooked.

Did my daughter love her massage at The Nest? You bet, she felt happy, rested, and she’ll be back to visit Shelley soon.

The Nest offers pediatric massage these treatments can help to:

  • improve sleep patterns
  • alleviate growing pains
  • correct muscular imbalances
  • improve motor skills and proprioception
  • decrease aggressive behavior
  • enhance self esteem (body image)
  • improve digestive function
  • allow for improved focus and attention span
  • improve child-parent bonding


 Also the Nest provides pre and post- natal massage. For more information and booking appointment Website and up and coming promotions on Facebook

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