1. Reduce the physical ailments of pregnancy – Prenatal yoga is amazing to reduce many of the physical complaints of pregnancy including but not exclusive to: sciatica, indigestion, heartburn, foot and leg pain, and sleeplessness.


2. Strength and Stamina – Prenatal yoga helps expectant mothers develop the strength and stamina for labour, delivery and post-natal recovery.


3. Relaxation – Regular prenatal yoga practice helps the expectant mother to develop techniques for relaxation for all stages of pregnancy and beyond.


4. Babies love it – Research has shown that babies in utero love the massaging nature of the asanas (yoga movements) as well as the calming effects of the breathwork done throughout every class.


5. Muscle Tone – Regular Prenatal Yoga practice develops muscle tone to support your growing and changing body. As well, it is shown that regular muscle tone developed and maintained throughout pregnancy is present during post-natal recovery.

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6. Tool Kit – Throughout the prenatal yoga session mothers-to-be learn and develop an extensive tool kit of physical and mental techniques for coping with pregnancy, labour and delivery and motherhood.


7. Mind Body Connection – In today’s fast paced world regular yoga practice helps strengthen our mind-body connection. A strong mind-body connection can assist in smoother labour and delivery.


8. Breathing – Deep breathing, practiced in prenatal yoga, ensures a good oxygen supply to your baby, and can enhance your sense of relaxation and control. As well, breathing techniques learned during class can help you stay calm and focused during labour.


9. Hormonal Balance—growing a baby wreaks havoc on a woman’s hormones. Regular yoga practice assists to balance hormones assisting your body and mind to better cope with pregnancy.


10. Confidence – Research has connected a woman’s self-efficacy, or confidence to perform a task with smoother labour and delivery. Regular prenatal yoga assists pregnant women to develop confidence in their ability to listen to their bodies needs as well as develop control over their bodies’ abilities.


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