The Monster That Never Goes Away

Learning difficulties can be diverse, challenging and frustrating for some children. It is the ‘monster that never goes away’. School can be an overwhelming place in which to learn. At the end of the day, all the noise and activity of the school environment and in the classroom is too much to endure. Some kids are so exhausted from trying so hard to listen, process the sounds, messages and understand and do what they can each day. The delicate stepping in the social dance of life is also affected. For example, being excluded and rejected can’t always be put off with ‘some kids are mean’. Some messages are not received or are misunderstood by them or from them to others.

There is difficulty making or keeping friends, along with using words and language to share and connect with other kids as they sometimes can’t find the words they want. This can be more devastating to their self-image and emotional well-being than the difficulties they have in all other areas of learning.

For children with learning difficulties, here are some beneficial classroom and school accommodations:

  • Try to be organized with school materials and supplies.


  • Checklist of class activities and schedules.


  • Try to do what can be done of what is required.


  • Follow step-by-step in order to begin, continue and complete most tasks.


  • Have instructions, cues, diagrams and concrete materials nearby. Very helpful!


  • Learn simple routine tasks (become known and support understanding of what is expected).
  • Phonics based learning activities and materials (children become familiar with the sounds of vowels, consonants and the blending of these letters).


  • Have audio books to accompany reading materials. Many children love to be read to!


  • Being able to use a spell checker and/or an electronic reading device would help with reading and writing activities. No penalties for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.


  • Sound reducing/silencing earphones and a sectioned off learning area would help with focus and efforts to be and stay on task.


  • Short written steps of instructions.


  • Short, clear and right to the point is best. Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much!

Kindness, caring, compassion, patience and understanding from parents, care givers and teachers can go a long way to helping children cope with their learning challenges.

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