Kallababy Review: Want a home-cooked meal? don’t ask me!

14045542_10154368341245692_5827470605478026540_nIn this day and age life is busy and it seems to get busier and busier by the minute. Many of us are crunched for time with our growing families and wish there were more hours in the day to get everything done. One time-saving solution is the growing trend of meal delivery services which are helping families balance time, save money, and keep their nutrition on track.

You see, my family has always been very athletic, we play hard and work hard. With professions in science and the addition of launching our website Kallababy we found that we did not have enough time to do the things that we wanted to do, and this caused an imbalance in our lives.

                                                                                                                                    Conor Pass Ireland 


That’s when we found a local food delivery company in Ottawa, Healthy Meal Plan  (HMP). This locally owned business provides the highest quality foods prepared by a team of expert chefs with the highest quality of ingredients for every type of diet.

12439093_1737929773092957_8163494181791142262_nThe owners of HMP realized that the average Canadian family is working long hours with little time to spare, and turned their passion for food into a thriving community-focused business with a huge amount of raising awareness about eating healthily. The HMP staff have a great deal of experience making food for everyone from new moms, busy bodies, seniors, athletes in training, and those who simply aren’t designed to ‘chef’.  Their menu items are made from scratch, full of flavour and crafted with your health and nutrition in mind. To top it off, they deliver these healthy and delicious menus right to your doorstep with a smile every evening.




Healthy Meal Plan





Healthy Meal Plan .ca makes an excellent & unique gift for new parents 




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