Källababy Review: A Very Fairy Door


Are you looking for a perfect gift that brings wonderful memories to your home which will last a lifetime?

Then look no further than “A Very Fairy Door”.



Born out of an idea by a local Ottawa mom-and-daughter team, “A Very Fairy Door” is an actual little fairy door accompanied by a beautifully written and illustrated book.


Written for ages 3 and up, and for anyone who fancies make-believing, the door acts as a portal for the fairies to visit and do what they do best… leave notes, treasures, and even gifts to let the children know they’ve been there. It’s a great parenting tool to help lift spirits during illness or hard times, to help children overcome obstacles and fears, to reward positive behaviours or simply to provide well wishes.


“A Very Fairy Door” has helped many children suffering from chronic illness at The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). It has helped families by lifting spirits and providing courage to children through difficult times.


What people are saying:


14581447_1791976237738719_3134629780293005011_n“A Very Fairy Door is a product that is true to its claims. We bought one for our daughter because she is scared of the dark and was sleeping in our bed each night. Having A Very Fairy Door in her room brought her comfort throughout the night, and visits from the fairies the following morning definitely encouraged her to stay in her own room for the ENTIRE night! Mom and dad are appreciating sleeping better too. The fairy characters in the book are adorable and the quality of the door itself is outstanding. It’s truly a beautiful product and every little boy and girl would be lucky to have one.” Ian T



“My daughter and I have been talking about the fairies non-stop. I love how this has sparked her imagination and brought some extra magic into a fleetingly magical time. I was completely blown away by the wonderful writing, the gorgeous illustrations, and the quality of the door.” Amanda A



“Our child is so happy with her fairies! They kept her company, snug under her pillow for days, while she was in hospital recently. Although these hospital sleep overs and stays are nothing out of the ordinary to her, something as little, but as special as these fairies made it so much easier.” Krystal M


Portrait of an adorable toddler girl in a magic fairy costume and flower crown in her curly hair playing with a wand in a beautiful field of purple hyacinths in Keukenhof, Holland on windy spring day




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