Parents of Preemies Association: an auction for the littlest members of our community

Parents of Preemies Association is focused on helping the littlest members of our community by supporting their families.

14699837_10157455724785618_762934053_nThe Parents of Preemies association is an organization founded on a “pay it forward” mentality, where parents who receive packages, support, or encouragement are asked to do the same for others achieving life -long connections, which provide positivity and guidance to parents of preemies. 





On Nov 18th this volunteer–based association will be hosting an event at the Ottawa Hospital in honor of World Prematurity Day which will include an online auction Nov 10 -16th to raise funds for parents of preemies.





Please, login on Nov 10th -16th and bid on local items in this online auction, knowing you are supporting this amazing community network for local parents of premature children. Winners announced on Nov 17th 


POP Ottawa’s impact on our community.What the families are saying: 


14657768_10157455660150618_1982934433_n“Having a new baby is overwhelming in the best circumstances, let alone when your baby comes 10 weeks early as was the case with my daughter. I found the Parents of Preemies group just before her birth, and was immediately comforted knowing there was a group of local parents who had already been down the same road. It has been a wonderful resource for advice and support, inspiration for the bad days and celebration for the good ones. It was also so nice to receive the care package during our stay in the NICU, where something as simple as a hat or outfit that actually fits your baby goes a long way in lifting spirits. I truly cannot say enough good things about the POP Ottawa group and the valuable resource it is providing to parents in the Ottawa area.” Sarah

14699837_10157455724785618_762934053_n“This group has helped me realize that so many others have been through my situation before. Seeing photos of other preemies that are now beautiful children running and playing gives me hope that my little ones will be fine. It’s so scary being in the NICU, when your baby is hooked up to machines you’ve never really seen before, with wires and tubes coming off of them. Hearing others talk about how their babies are doing so well now is wonderful. This group have given me a place to ask my questions to others who have been in my shoes. Advice and experiences shared are genuine and people really do care to help us in our tough times. Receiving a package for my little ones was so nice. It felt good knowing others cared about us and about our little babies. Just connecting with someone who has been there before, even if only for a short minute gave me strength I needed to get though the days that felt so long.” Amanda

Please, login on November 10th -16th and bid on this online auction.  

In support of local parents of premature children.


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