Ten Things You Might Not Know About Cloth Diapers

I talk to a lot of expectant parents during cloth diaper workshops and baby shows, and the same facts about cloth diapers seem to surprise a lot of them!

Here are my top ten:


They will save you money. Even factoring in laundry costs, cloth diapers will save you somewhere around $1500 per child compared to disposables. I can think of plenty of ways I could spend that much money. The responsible adult in me says pay bills, but my inner child wants candy. Tons of candy.



The laundry isn’t complicated. You don’t need to use a special detergent or have a degree in chemical engineering to get cloth diapers clean. They are just another load of laundry!



You won’t be knee deep in poop. I probably should have started with this one, since it is the number one (or should I say Number Two – whomp whomp) concern that I hear. But really, you don’t need to handle poop any more than with disposables. Modern inventions like disposable liners and diaper sprayers have made poop disposal fast, mess free and easy.


Cloth diapers hold in poop better. Speaking of poop, cloth diapers are better at holding in those inevitable poo-tastrophes. Seriously, they keep that stuff right where it belongs.12705726_1011482785575585_2036375242320264965_n


You won’t find “remnants” in your washing machine. I can imagine the thought of being in an important work meeting and finding out that the faint miasma of baby pee is actually your clothes is the stuff of nightmares. However, this doesn’t happen. Your washing machine is pretty efficient at cleaning itself, and diapers come out of the wash sparkling clean and fresh smelling. Subsequent loads of laundry won’t even know diapers were washed before them.


No pins or crazy folding is needed. The huge sheets of flannel and giant, sharp pins went the way of bell bottoms. Modern cloth diapers are really easy to use, and go on baby just like disposables. No origami or sharp objects necessary.


15135911_1222387607818434_9109013298970908776_nThere are diapers for every occasion. Cloth diapers come in endless cute colours, prints and patterns. Match them to your outfit, favourite sports team or holiday décor. You won’t want to cover these cuties up with pants.


It isn’t all or nothing. Cloth diaper at home, use disposables while out and about. Cloth during the day and disposables at night. Even cloth diapering part time has its benefits!


There is a huge cloth diapering community. Parenting can be lonely, so any excuse to chat with other parents is a great thing. Facebook is full of amazing, supportive cloth diapering groups, and here in Ottawa we are lucky to have a thriving cloth diapering community! There are even cloth diapering events, like the annual Great Cloth Diaper Change in April.



There is support! If you have questions or run into problems, there are lots of people to ask, including myself! Most cloth diaper issues can be solved quickly with a little bit of expert advice!


Katie Mark owner of Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company encourages any parents who have even had any fleeting thoughts about cloth diapering to do some research. She offers cloth diaper workshops which is a great way to learn the basics without being completely overwhelmed, and gives you a chance to check out the diapers, ask lots of questions and make a confident diapering decision!

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Cloth Diapers: Much Cooler Than You Might Think…


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