Källababy review: Love & Chew Kids Boutique

Do you Love to Chew, Baby?

Källababy sent out a Mamma Necklace to one of our mom reviewers and this is her review straight from the baby’s mouth.



I placed a custom order with Love & Chew Kids Boutique and was happy to receive an all-black “Mama Necklace” mailed in beautiful packaging to try out with my 5 month old.

It is great to use while cuddling together, easy to wash and dry, and neutral in colour so I can wear it with anything.

I also like that it is made in Canada, and I was really impressed at how quickly the seller responded to my questions.

My only critique is that my necklace had only 6 beads, which hung a bit narrow on my athletic frame. Next time, I would take advantage of her “customize” option and add a few more beads for a chunkier look.




Love & Chew Kids Boutique was started by Shaela Fogel when her baby girl was welcomed into the world. Love & Chew saw the need for safe and beautiful teething accessories that could be enjoyed by babies, toddlers, and children with sensory chew needs. Included with this, they wanted to make matching accessories for mama to stay fashionable with her littles. Located in Alberta, Canada, they have been so fortunate to have amazing customers in Canada and Internationally! They pride themselves on providing  beautiful, handmade with love, accessories for their mama customers,along with friends & families of mamas.




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