Källababy Review: MiniGeeks

Is there a secret in your family ?

Are you a geek, in love with sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, video games, and other so-called “geeky” interests?

Well, then this mom review of MiniGeeks is for you, Jedi!

There is much to say about MiniGeeks. We tried the medium Star Wars “grow with me” pants and matching tuque with our 5-month old. The pants actually fit great using the cuff modifications, and it’s refreshing to know they’ll fit from 3-18 months. The cotton/lycra blend is so soft and stretchy, and the waistband does not constrict our son’s chubby belly.

The tuque is made of the same fabric and it is the only one we have that stays in place, as all our son’s other tuques slide over his eyes.

It’s fashionable on its own, both in doors and when it’s milder out, but we actually love it as a base layer under his thicker hats in the winter.

MiniGeeks’ whimsical prints are truly one of a kind and we get endless compliments on this outfit. I’ll be ordering the “Retro 80’s” pants next!


The story behind MiniGeeks as told by Head Geek Katherine de Sousa:

MiniGeeks came from trying to outfit my own children in high-quality, comfortable, and stylish geeky apparel.  Some items were hard to find and, even when they could be found, shipping costs were enormous. For girls, it seemed that superhero gear only came in pink.

The only solution was to take matters into my own hands and to start producing items myself.
I started with fandoms that I know and love and want to share with my children, so you’ll see a fair bit of Doctor Who, superheroes, Star Trek, Star Wars and Studio Ghibli in my collection. When my daughter realized that I would be making dresses for her, she also requested that I add Pokémon and Harry Potter to my line.

I am always on the hunt for new fabric designs and am eagerly adding unique new products whenever I can. This year, I’ll be working with a local artist to produce unique fabric exclusive to MiniGeeks! Watch our social media channels for more information.

My goal is to help my children make the most of their favourite books and movies and to help them show off their love for their favourite characters. In just the same way, I hope to make your fandom come alive for you and your children.

You can find MiniGeeks online on Etsy or shop locally at Belly Laughs in Kanata;
The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe in Hintonburg; The Comic Book Shoppe on Clyde Avenue; and Little Loves Co. in Carleton Place.

Each shop has a unique selection of products.
Connect with MiniGeeks social media to see upcoming fabric designs, new products, and news about local market appearances.




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