Hair Donation Ottawa… a cancer research fundraiser.

Giving doesn’t always have to be about money. Donating your hair is a much more personal gift than sending a check to a charity.  If you decide to cut and donate your hair it truly is a selfless act of service. There is nothing “in it for you” except to be of service to someone else and that’s the best part about donating your hair – knowing you’re making a difference. Kids dealing with diseases that cause them to lose their hair often talk about how looking sick makes them self-conscious and weak. When they wear wigs, people don’t look at them like they are sick, but like normal kids, and it really has an positive effect on their mental state and this is one of the many impacts you will make by donating your hair.

Hair Donation Ottawa was founded in 2011 by Helene Hutchings, who was diagnosed and successfully treated for cancer at The Ottawa Hospital in 2010. The organization has been raising much-needed funds for cutting-edge cancer research in our area since 2011. The hard work and dedication of the many volunteers has led to over $1/3 million collected over the years. While the money is used to power the battle again adult and childhood cancers, the hair provided by the participants goes towards the manufacture and provision of 10 high-quality human hair children’s wigs per year. Hair donation Ottawa works in partnership with Caralyn’s Hair Design to provide this service. The hair not used for wigs is donated to an equally noble cause via Greencircle Salons – the creation of  Hair Booms to mitigate the effects of aquatic oil spills around the globe. A portion of the proceeds is allocated towards Algonquin College Hair Stylist Program Bursaries and in partnership with Angel Apparel  the production of trendy headbands and scarves for every CHEO patient who needs one, with 300 provided in 2016.

This year, like in the past, Hair Donation Ottawa is collaborating with the Algonquin College Salon, Spa & Boutique  The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and The CHEO  Foundation, The CHEO Research Institute, BioCanRx. Our local community leaders Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Shad Quadri, and Dylan Black of BOOM 99.7 will also take part in the fundraiser.

So, if you are ready to do some good, let your ponytail go or raise a pledge for shaving your head or both, please, visit Hair Donation Ottawa. Not to worry, you will look fabulous with a new cut courtesy of the many talented stylists who volunteer their time and talent for the event.

Registration and fundraising is required; please, see the website for more information

This year the fundraiser will take place on Sunday April 30th 2017, between 9:00am and 4:30pm at the

Algonquin College Salon & Spa, 1385 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K2G 1V8.




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