Källababy review: The 3 Little Kittens co.


With winter comes the dreaded snow gear and the struggle gets REAL when it comes to mittens.

 Our mom reviewer Marlo and her young family put The 3 Little Kittens Co. to the test!


We are a family of four with a 3 month old girl, Launna, and an almost 3 year old boy, Nicolas. Getting out the door in the cold weather can be a challenge, but  any stay-at-home mom would relate to the absolute necessity for outings to get through the days. Anything that can ease the prep time is a friend of mine, and The 3 Little Kittens mittens did just that.

These mittens are great for the fall or winter for a toddler. Since there aren’t any thumbs, they are great for a child who is at the stage where getting their thumb into the mitten is still frustrating for both child and parent. I love that they are so long to add an extra layer for warmth and the elastic across the back is comfortable for the child.

A winner for comfort and no fuss to put on and keep on.

I would definitely be interested in other products that 3 Little Kittens come up with and highly recommend them!

The 3 Little Kittens Co. has solved the problem of lost mittens once and for all!

After 4 boys and 17 years of running a home daycare, Sheri decided she could not spend one more winter losing mittens and dealing with babies and toddlers upset with having freezing cold hands. So she came up with a smart new mitten design to solve this universal problem, and partnered with Robin, a talented and creative seamstress. Simply slide on like sleeves with the elastic across the back
of the shoulders, either over a light coat, or under winter jacket. And until you are ready to take them off, they will keep your child’s hands cozy and warm!

They are simply the Purrfect Mittens! And they are made right here in Ottawa!

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