KÄLLABABY REVIEW: The Mom Conference

The 2nd Mom Conference  took place on Saturday March 4th, 2017 at Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre in Kanata. It promised to be a great event  with 8 engaging presentations by over 10 knowledgeable professional speakers. A fun and informative event for moms from expecting their first child or sending their last off to college.

So this was the perfect event to send a local mom to review.

Here is what Josée has to say:


“Moms and politics: How Moms can successfully overcome the hurdles to getting involved”

The Honourable Lisa Raitt

Sharing her story about getting involved with politics as a young mom and some of the successes and challenges along the way. Her goal is to inspire and educate Moms on how to successfully get involved and have a voice in Canadian politics and share the reasons why understanding government functions is critical to your children’s future.


“I Need You, Want You and Miss You: How to Nurture Your Relationship When Raising Young Children.”


Stephanie and Erin will provide you with a thorough explanation on the effects of sleep deprivation on both moms and babies. They will review the most common obstacles moms face when trying to get the healthy sleep both mom and babies need, as well as teach you the Top Five things your family needs to do to establish a great bedtime routine.

“I Need You, Want You and Miss You: How to Nurture Your Relationship When Raising Young Children.”

Dr. Robyn Marquis

In this talk, we will explore the challenges that many women face as they juggle the many demands placed on them as mothers and how to help (re)build and maintain a sense of intimacy and connection with their significant other.


“What happens when you call 911: What every paramedic wants Moms to know”

Kelly Cochrane

Speaking on what to expect when calling 9-1-1 in or around the Capital City.
How do Paramedics respond to pediatric emergencies? What are the types of common pediatric emergencies Paramedics see on a daily basis and what you can do before the Paramedics arrive. She will also be giving some basic life saving first aid tips and opening the floor to a question and answer session.


“A Mother’s Guide to Anxiety in Children: How to prevent it, how to recognize it, and how to help”

Amanda  Telford  Brings over 20 years of hands on experience with her to this passionate and educational talk. Amanda will give you some concrete examples of ways you can recognize anxiety in your kids and outline the different types of anxiety kids may be dealing with and what may be causing anxiety. She’ll then move on to give moms some tools on how they can help! From developing routines and better communication skills to different apps and resources available and when to explore the discussion around medication.

“Fueling Your Family”


As Moms we all want the best for our kids. We want to fuel healthy bodies and strong minds to allow them to get the most out of life.
The challenge is trying to figure out what a healthy diet is, getting your kids to eat it, and doing all this while going to dance class, soccer practice, and school!! It can be overwhelming.

Come join the discussion on how to nourish your kids in a practical, don’t pull your hair out approach. You will leave with an understanding of how foods can support immune function, prevent disease, improve mood and focus; then learn simple ways to incorporate that into your family’s busy lifestyle.

“You Coulda Been Rich by Now”

JoAnne Cooney

We have to eat. We have to heat our homes. We need a phone. We have to look good. We have to feel good. Right? Somewhere, sometimes, the lines between necessity and luxury blur. We’re too busy juggling kids, the home, getting the kids to that 3rd late night hockey practice this week to even face wondering where our money goes on a day-to-day basis.


“Work smarter, not harder! How to set up your home-based business for success”

   This is a panel presentation bringing in all the industry specialists to help you get the most out of your home-based business. Learn how to avoid common costly mistakes made by people working from home and get the most out of your time and resources.

The Mom Conference Website



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