Källababy Review: Mom & Babe Urban Day Retreat

New moms face a lot of changes, … when the baby is born there is the first rush of love and then everything will be okay. In reality hard work starts when the baby enters the world. At this point a pause can help mom and baby to truly connect. This is why we sent one of our new moms to enjoy and review the Mom & Babe Urban Day Retreat by Chelsea Retreats at Pranashanti in Hintonburg.

Here is what Meagan has to say:

I have had a regular yoga practice for years, and although finding time for myself has become more challenging with a toddler and baby at home, it has remained a priority in my life. It keeps me grounded, allowing me to tackle whatever challenges come my way, with a little more patience and grace. I was thrilled to be invited to attend a Mom & Baby Urban yoga retreat at Pranashanti in Hintonburg, an opportunity to take time for myself and to connect with my 6-month old, Henry.


About a dozen moms were greeted warmly by yoga teacher Jennifer Gillean, who went out of her way to ensure the participants were well taken care of all day. When everyone had arrived and settled in with a warm cup of tea, Jennifer led the moms through a relaxing all-levels yoga flow, working out the tension from head to toe. With babies ranging in age from 2-10 months old, there were some that nursed through much of the class, some who happily played on the mat, while others had to be chased after crawling away! Although some of the mothers were only able to actively participate through a few yoga sequences as they attended to their babies, everyone seemed to really enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.


The class was followed by a nourishing vegetarian lunch of homemade pho soup, salad and fresh bread. Most of the moms had come on their own, but everyone was soon chatting happily together over lunch, obviously enjoying the opportunity to socialize with like-minded moms while enjoying the delicious food at a relaxed pace.

The final segment of the day was led by Andria Bell of Bells Babies, who gave an intermediate workshop on Babywearing. The group was most interested in learning about different options with woven wraps, so Andria demonstrated different types of front and back carries, and then participants had time for hands on practice.

Overall, this was a really wonderful day. I left feeling refreshed, relaxed and pampered, something that most moms of small children don’t experience often! One of the elements that made this event a standout to me was the welcoming ambiance and sense of community that was immediately established. I would absolutely recommend this retreat to all moms with young babes; we all deserve a few hours to recharge our batteries, and this is a great way to do it.


Escape for the day and reconnect with yourself and baby with Mom & Babe Urban Retreat Series at the gorgeous PranaShanti Yoga Studio in Hintonburg. Retreats are a day for nourshing yourself with freshly prepared foods, yoga, meeting new mom and baby friends, and some great learning from local experts.
Upcoming Mom & Babe Urban retreats:

Jennifer Gillean, a yoga instructor, will guide you through a yoga practice inspired to connect you to your growing baby, as well as to cultivate your inner strength and self-compassion.

Joanna Wolczyk, an ayurveda practitioner, will share what Yoga’s sister science has to offer with easy yet effective tools to enhance well-being and energy for your mind and body.

Jess Sherman is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and specialist in pediatric, family, and maternal nutrition with a particular emphasis on digestive and developmental issues and mental health.

Yvette Halpin, a Waldorf teacher and a developmental learning specialist, will join us to share her insights and wisdom in supporting your child’s integration of sensory and motor reflexes.

Gesa Harmston is a certified life transitions coach and the facilitator of Moms Choosing Courage facebook page. Gesa has a passion for helping new moms listen to and trust themselves.

To purchase tickets or more detailed information go to Chelsea Retreats 


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