The #1 question parents ask is how to avoid head lice.

Here are some simple tips, but remember that nothing is 100%.

The best defence is to check your child once a week.


DON’T SHARE!! Don’t share your hats, scarves, hair brushes or hair accessories. This is probably the most important thing to remind your children. Children love to share so they do need frequent reminders.

COVER THE SEATS: This tip is often overlooked. Going to the movie? Heading out on an airplane? If the seat is cloth cover it with your coat, sweater or scarf. This will keep the lice away from your head.

KEEP EVERYTHING SEPARATE: When there are family gatherings or events people tend to pile their coats in one place. It’s a great way for a louse to land on your coat and go home with you.

SLEEPOVERS: They are fun and enjoyable but a great place to bring home unwanted friends. Make sure your child brings their own pillow and sleeping bag. Don’t forget to remind them not to share. When they get home toss everything in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes just in case.

CHECK YOUR CHILD’S HEAD: We all get busy but this should be a weekly routine. Take a few minutes and check. A great way to start before you touch the hair is look at the crown of the head. If there are any bugs you’ll probably see them there. Once you start to move the hair they will scurry away. The best way to check is to use Lice Services Comb, check the hot spots, behind the ears, nape of the neck and the bangs.

PREVENTATIVE SPRAYS: These are great to use when your child is heading out to school or to a sleepover. Sprays like Lice Services Repel have a mint scent that lice don’t like. Remember adding a scent or buying scented shampoos don’t work because the scent usually washes down the drain when you rinse it out.

Think your child has lice?

Don’t panic. We have a handy list of frequently asked questions to consult.

Don’t buy into myths. There are tonnes of ‘natural DIYs’ out there for lice treatments that can be messy, inconvenient, or even downright dangerous.

This blog is contributed by Lice Services Canada a locally owned Ottawa company with over over ten years of experience. Their treatment process eliminates lice and their eggs in one visit in a professional, family friendly clinic or if it is more convenient they can go to your home. Their service is 100% private and confidential. Their extensively trained technicians will advise you on your environment and prevention protocol and provide a certified letter to be taken back to the school, daycare or camps.

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