From sleep regressions to RESPs: How access to the right information can alleviate worry and stress for moms

From sleep regressions to RESPs:

How access to the right information can alleviate worry and stress for moms

By: Erin Junker owner of The Happy Sleep Company, Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant

It is 2017. What that means for moms, among many other things, is that information about just about anything we could, would, or (maybe!) should worry about is at our fingertips.

The problem with this ever-ready information is this: not every article, book, and well-meaning friend’s advice about our baby’s nutrition, bowel movements, and sleeping habits, is in line with the next. This means we might hear one thing on a Monday and be told that the very opposite on Tuesday.

Then Thursday rolls around and there is a whole new set of guidance and advice about what our baby should be eating, when they should be crawling, and (the big one!) how much they should be sleeping! What’s a mom to believe?!

The bad news is this: the more you read or hear, the more confused you may become. But, not to worry! There’s good news, too! And it’s something we very often forget: We get to choose.

We get to choose which advice we apply to our own lives, our own children, and our own families. We get to choose how we apply this advice. And, very importantly, we get to choose what to ignore.

Rather than simply hitting up Google for generic advice on “baby’s first foods” or “six-month sleep habits,” first reflect on your general parenting style and your family’s personal situation, values and goals.

Coming to your own understanding about these things can lead to much more focussed research into specific sites, experts, and articles that are in line with your own parenting beliefs. This will give you a great starting point to begin reviewing advice that’s in line with where you feel you and your family are headed on this parenting journey.

That way, rather than wading through article upon article, you are focussing specifically on the advice and information that is in line with your own train of thought, rather than confusing yourself by reviewing guidance that you are already certain you won’t agree with anyway (or that you simply don’t need!).

The Mom Conference coming to Kanata March 4th is an excellent place to start. You get to choose which experts you speak to, and which topics you’re most interested in and are most relevant to your family’s situation. Then, if you want more specifics, you can speak to each expert separately and discuss your own individual scenario and how their advice applies to you (be that saving for college, managing your own mental health as a mom, or figuring out why your baby just won’t sleep!).

At the Mom Conference, I will be discussing all things infant & toddler sleep. If you have no challenges with your little one’s sleep, or simply prefer to manage sleep 100% in your own way,
that’s fantastic! But, if questions about your baby or toddler’s sleep habits – from awake times to daytime sleep needs, and from night wakes to short naps – tends to consume your thoughts,
and you are looking for information specific to your family’s situation, your baby’s personality and age, etc., then I would be happy to speak to you and offer tailored advice to your family.

In my presentation, I’ll be discussing common sleep challenges I see parents facing, and my main tips for getting started with great sleep habits and overcoming those sleep hurdles. And, of course, I’ll have plenty of time to chat on a one-on-one basis as well.

The Mom Conference is an excellent place to get the specific information you want, tailored to you and your baby. It definitely beats hours (ok, let’s face it, days, weeks, and months) spent on Google trying to piece together the wealth of information 2017 has to throw at us!


If you are experiencing sleep difficulties with your child, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We can schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation where I can offer advice and support, and we can discuss exactly how I can help your little one and your whole family get the amazing, healthy sleep you deserve!

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