KÄLLABABY REVIEW: Harmony Dance Company

It’s not too difficult to tell if a child likes to dance. You’ll see them wiggling and swaying to songs as toddlers. They’ll tap their toes to pop songs or go into full-out routines in the living room. In fact, it’s probably true to say that most kids will shake their groove thing when they’re little. The question is, “Are dance classes the logical next step?” This is why we sent a local mom and daughter to review Harmony Dance Company


Here is what Jennifer has to say:


Saturdays are pretty wonderful around our house, usually with an impromptu dance party here or there. Which is why Harmony Dance Company’s “Creative Movement”  class for tiny dancers was a dream come true for Eleanor’s Saturday morning. And though parents generally drop off their children (read: a guaranteed one hour to drink HOT coffee in peace), I was lucky enough to stay and witness the magical hour, full of dance, music, and butterfly stickers!


The dance instructors were incredibly sweet with the kids, and even though it was Eleanor’s first time, I was contemplating sneaking off to let her enjoy the class solo.


She loved the instructors and was quite content to dance around with them, leaving me to sit back and enjoy my tiny dancer’s love of music and movement.

Harmony Dance Company has created such a positive environment and offers a variety of classes for dancers of all ages. The Creative Movement is specific for kids between two and four years old and Eleanor just barely squeaked in at (almost) two years. But she didn’t let her age stop her and by the third verse of each song, she was following along and discovering how her body can move.

By the end of the class, Eleanor burnt off so much energy that she decided to lay down on the dance floor. Now that’s a success! I see dance classes (and hot coffee) in our future!


Harmony Dance Company is Ottawa’s boutique dance studio offering classes for all ages from toddler to adult in a positive and nurturing environment. They offer recreational, pre-competitive, and competitive programs. Join them for a variety of classes for boys and girls of all ages, as well as adult classes for beginners and experienced dancers. They take pride in nurturing young dancers in their passion for dance and performance. Through dance, Harmony Dance Company offers students an opportunity to learn and grow in all areas of life. Their main goal is to instill confidence, enthusiasm and team spirit, as well as a love of dance.

They continually strive to make each and every student feel special and empowered.

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