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One of the many great things about living in Canada is our ability to enjoy an endless stream of fascinating cultures right at our doorstep. Wise Atangana is an Ottawa-based musician who recently moved to Canada with his family. As a new father he became interested in children’s music while putting a unique twist on the topic of lullabies. The rythms, melodies, and folklore of his native Cameroon can be felt throughout his bilingual album of children’s songs – Mafolo Baby. For all you lovers of adventure, new experiences, and horizons, we present this review by Marlo and her family:



We are a young family of 4 with a love for music and Mafolo Baby has been a great addition to our car rides. We discovered our 3 year old son, Nicolas’, love for drums and rhythmic music about a year and a half ago and we jump at any opportunity we can to introduce him to music that will encourage his musical growth. Mafolo Baby’s packaging really reflects the fun and lively nature of the music. There are some sound effects in the music that my 3 year old gets a kick out of and we have had a lot of laughs while imitating the sounds.

Luckily, while our 3 year old finds the music fun and easy to sing along to, our 5 month old daughter, Launna, is calmed by the music. An enjoyable car ride to be had by all! Thumbs up! We are also a bilingual family and we really appreciate that Mafolo Baby has both a French and English version. I would recommend switching between both the English and French cd for anyone who wants to expose their children to both languages as the songs are the same on both cd’s.


Mafolo Baby is presented by an Ottawa-based musician, the set includes a double CD of African lullabies in English and French and a beautifully illustrated book with the lyrics written out in both languages. They are strengthening long-term bilingualism in Canada. Order by email or use Shop Here digital version available soon.

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