Källababy Review: Salsa Tots

Parent-child dance classes are great preparation for very young children to socialize with their peers in a secure environment supported by you! Fun movement to music promotes early development and provides a strong foundation while taking direction from a new, adult teacher yet staying true to their own ideas. This is why we sent a local mom and daughter to review Salsa Tots  a program offered by Salsa Babies Ottawa.


Here is what Ashley has to say:


Hi there!

My almost 2 year old daughter and I had the pleasure of trying a Salsa Tots Thursday morning and I cannot say enough good things about this class 🙂 The teacher Dani has an amazing fun, kind energy that my daughter was immediately drawn to.


The class incorporates English, French and Spanish along with super fun dance moves. Dani does an amazing job at keeping the children engaged while letting them have fun at their own pace.



I will be signing my daughter up his spring and I highly recommend anyone else with an energetic, fun seeking and loving toddler does the same!

This was the last class of the winter session so the children received a certificate. Dani is so thoughtful that she brought an extra one for Mila so she didn’t feel left out.



Thank you very much Källababy and Salsa Tots.



Salsa Tots class is offered by Salsa Babies Ottawa.  Have fun with movement that combines play with lively rhythms that parents and kids can both enjoy! Check the website for the schedule and locations.


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