Moving gently for fun with your baby is a lovely way to bond with him and develop a sense of shared rhythm, balance, and enjoyment.  Anyone who has ever swayed around the room with their child to a favourite tune knows the pleasure of that connection and shared giggle!  This is why we sent a local mom Kelly and her son to review Salsa Babies , a latin beat babywearing dance class for babies 6-8 weeks of age and up.


The Salsa Babies class was so much fun and a great core, and lower body workout.
Daniela is personable, friendly, and passionate about leading an enjoyable class. My baby and I felt welcomed and really comfortable.


There is a room outside the studio to nurse, leave your things, and get ready for the class.  The studio itself is bright and spacious.  Though we were a small group for the class, the music was upbeat and we were breaking a sweat in no time!
My baby was almost 7 months old at the time of the class and really enjoyed being in the carrier for the workout.  He watched the other participants, looked in the mirror, and eventually was lulled to sleep by the constant movement.


We had fun working out together, and the next morning I woke up with tired muscles through my hips from all of the “cha-chas!”  I would recommend this class to Mom’s of all athletic ability and to babies of all ages.

Classes are offered by Salsa Babies Ottawa.

Socialize with other parents and introduce your child to music and movement.

Check the website for the schedule and locations.


Kallababy Listing 


Källababy Review: Salsa Tots

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