Prenatal Yoga? What To Know Before Your Start!

Teaching yoga and fitness classes for over 16 years I have seen (and experienced!) first hand the benefits that yoga and movement can bring into your life when you are pregnant. Whether you have experience or not there is a prenatal yoga class for everybody!

So, how do you wade through all the options out there? It can seem so overwhelming when trying to find a class.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your prenatal yoga class:

Do your research! The yoga and fitness industry isn’t regulated so do your research before buying! Find a studio or location that specializes in prenatal yoga. When you take a class with somebody who specializes in prenatal and spends days in and out living and breathing pregnancy and motherhood you will feel more relaxed knowing you are in good hands.

Don’t like a class that you try? Most times when you say you don’t enjoy a yoga class it is because the instructor or class style didn’t best suit your needs. There is no one size fits all so that’s what it’s important that you find a place that will allow you to switch to a different class or instructor easily.

Find the best fit for YOU!

Look to build the “like, know and trust” factor. During your pregnancy and motherhood we  are always looking to soak in more information, find answers from experts, and feel comfortable on our journey. Find a place that creates opportunities for you to get to know their teachers and welcomes a community of moms.

Motherhood takes a village and it is comforting when you can find

yours early in your journey.

Take it at your own pace! One of the most important things to remember is to take your yoga practice at your own pace. Rest when your body wants to rest. Every day is slightly different as you move through your pregnancy and it’s important that you nurture your self and your needs. Your yoga teacher is there as a guide, to hold the space for you and your baby, but only you can decide what your body needs at each exact moment.

Find Your Ease! You should feel at ease in your prenatal yoga class. It’s a sanctuary of peace, tranquility, community, ease and comfort. Follow your heart when looking for a class that will best suit you during your prenatal journey. Where do you feel most comfortable? Where do you feel most at ease?

If you would like more information on prenatal yoga classes check-out what is being offered by Little Lotus. Their Prenatal classes celebrate the life you are creating for your little loved one while utilizing traditional yoga postures and celebrating your power as a women while you prepare for childbirth. 


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