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The shift to mothering can be overwhelming whether you are having your first child or adding to your family. It can also come with great emotion, physical healing, and the perception that the new mom has to get on and do it all on her own. However, there are now some amazing support options for families and they are called post-partum support doulas.

So, what is it like to have a post-partum support doula?

Here is what Ottawa mom Emily and her family have to say after a post-partum support shift from National Capital Doulas


My name is Emily. My husband J and I are the parents of two boys; R is almost 6, and Baby G just arrived in February.


I happily welcomed a daytime post-partum support shift offered by the National Capital Doulas (NCD) as Baby G hit his 7-week mark. The NCD ladies were friendly and accommodating throughout our communications to arrange the visit. They provided a form for me to check off the services I was interested in — in the categories of housekeeping, newborn care, baby feeding, and setting up family routines.


As G is my second kiddo, I was most interested in discussing our family’s adjustment to the new addition, and getting help around the house. I expected the allotted three hour visit to feel rushed, but it ended up being relaxed, and we covered plenty of ground. The first part of our meeting was spent chatting about household dynamics and parenting in general. I felt free to say whatever was on my mind without being judged, and I came away with insightful tips for easing my older son into his new role as a big brother. I also received a kit folder full of resources that I think most new moms would find helpful.



During the second half of the visit, I wanted to make dinner, so Danielle kept busy: she wore Baby G in a sling, did general housecleaning, and kept R entertained. I was gloriously hands-free and without distraction for almost an hour. Sometime during the visit, G’s diaper was magically changed too.



Overall, this was a positive experience. I would have especially benefitted from this when I was a first-time mom and completely overwhelmed, mystified, and in need of reassurance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the NCD to new parents, or families who need a knowledgeable helping hand and support.


National Capital Doulas are highly skilled and well trained to provide many support services and workshops to families in the Ottawa and surrounding areas.






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