When we came across Babes & Gents, a lifestyle brand from Ottawa which designs unique adult and most importantly children’s clothing that is on the pulse of popular culture, we knew we needed to hook up a local family to review them.  Here is what Ottawa mom Chansty and her son Victor had to say:




“Who sings this song, Victor?”…”Justin Beaver!”


I couldn’t resist selecting this super fun and quirky graphic t-shirt created by local designer Babes and Gents. I love their entire collection and had a hard time choosing just one, but I knew my 4-year old son would really love the Justin Bieber t-shirt. Right now, it’s one of his favourite artists on the radio. Coincidentally, I received the shirt just in time for Canada Day and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate being Canadian! A white t-shirt may seem like a bold choice for any preschooler, but I see the stain marks as a badge of honour. More stains= more fun! I washed the t-shirt a few times: the design is still very much intact and the 100% cotton fabric is very durable. I am super happy with the quality of the t-shirt and Victor is extremely proud when he wears it!

Thanks again for sending me this shirt, for my open and honest review. Chantsy




Babes & Gents clothing lies within Music, Art, and Fashion while trying to shape itself into a lifestyle brand for lovers of them.  The founder Amir is a true artist and designer as well as a big supporter of the Ottawa community. 10% of the sales are donated to different charities.


Babes & Gents Kallababy Listing








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