When it comes to your baby, every day is an opportunity to go with a natural product. Luckily, it’s never been easier, or more affordable, to find eco-friendly and organic baby products. Our question was – what is locally made in our community?  Kallababy wanted to know the answer! So we sent 3 local moms Megan, Ashley, Chantele, and their families some Purple Urchin Baby products for an independent review.

Here is what they had to say:

Baby Urchin Butt Balm

Review: Megan & family

We are a family of 4, we have two 34 year-olds and a sassy 2 year-old (almost 3, she would tell you that) and a 3 month-old little boy. We have used Purple Urchin brand before, but never any of their baby stuff. At first glance the packaging is very pretty, small enough to toss in a diaper bag, and we found the skunk on the front very funny! We used it for over a week on our 3 month-old and a couple positives and negatives we found were:


▪️Small and compact, and easy to take anywhere

▪️We love that it’s all natural and not tested on animals

▪️No scents added, but it still smells quite nice


▪️We found it a bit hard to get at one-handed, just make sure the lid is off. You have to really rub it a lot to get enough balm for a whole bum

▪️We would prefer to buy bigger-sized items (larger quantity that lasts longer).

We would definitely use this product again, and I would reccomend it to other people. It might not be my primary bum balm for home but is great for a diaper bag! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to sample!

Baby Urchin Lotion (unscented)

 Review: Ashley and Mila

We have been using this lotion for 2 weeks now and it’s perfect! I put it all over my daughter after her bath every night. She likes to help, so I love that it’s moisturizing without being greasy!

Bonus: I use Purple Urchin products for myself, so my little one is thrilled to have a matching product bottle of her very own!

Baby Urchin Oatmeal Soap 

Review: Chantele & family


I have three children aged four months, three years, and four years, and I used this soap for all four of us including myself.  The short of it is –  I love this soap. What impressed me most about this soap is that it is in a bar form and the children love to handle the bar of soap to wash themselves, and to wash each other.

There is a light lather and it leaves the skin feeling quite moisturized, although we always put lotion on after the bath.  The soap lasts a long time. We have been using it for over a month in the bathtub everyday and it still has a long way to go before we need a replacement. The ingredients say it contains oatmeal and I would say that it did have a soothing quality, but I did not smell any oatmeal (if oatmeal smells), but it does however have a very mild natural smelling scent.  My middle child has sensitive skin and I did not see any reaction on him.

The only drawback that I would say about this soap is that it can be a little filmy if you use too much. So, don’t let it sit in the tub!!


Purple Urchin is locally owned in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and they believe bath and body products can be good for you and low-impact on the planet. Their products are as natural as possible (95% – 100%). No synthetic preservatives or fillers. No drying detergents. Just minimally processed, plant-based ingredients. Purple Urchin’s products are vegetarian (the majority are actually completely vegan). Environmental impact plays a role in every decision they make from the essential oils they choose to how they package the products. They also pride themselves on being involved in their community, and often partner up with other local businesses and charities to help make this city awesome.




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