KÄLLABABY REVIEW: Pumpkins and Peanuts diaper rash cream

At the early stages of parenthood, you’re likely to unwrap your baby’s diaper and see a tiny tender bottom looking right back at you.  Yikes! how did this happen? Well, whether you use cloth or disposable diapers, a rash can happen.  This inflammatory reaction of the skin can be very uncomfortable making your baby fuss or cry when they wet their diaper, but where can you find a local diaper rash cream that helps prevent diaper rash? That soothes and does not irritate and is all natural? Well, we put the Pumpkins and Peanuts diaper rash cream to the test.



Here is what mom Jade had to say:


We recently started our son on solids and, as a new mom, I learnt it’s not always as fun as it seems! Being able to try a new diaper rash product could not have come at a better time.

Pumpkins and Peanuts non-petroleum jelly diaper cream comes in a simple clear container with a black top. It’s cute enough I don’t feel the need to hide it when guests come over. Its primary ingredients are coconut and pumpkin oil which are great natural products for a sensitive bum. It has beeswax which I’m sure helps with the great texture.

It feels like coconut oil, but doesn’t instantly melt when you go to get some out. I love that it applies so easily and you really only need a small amount. It absorbs so well into the skin and it doesn’t take me ages to wash off my own hand.

It’s scent free and cloth diaper safe. It is as effective if not better than the standard cream I was using. It really soothed my little one’s tender skin very quickly and I was quite happy with the product. I know what all the ingredients are in this product and that helps me feel confident when using the product.




Pumpkins and Peanuts is owned and operated by Jennifer of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  When her younger son struggled with eczema, she tried various prescriptions and various recommended moisturizers to try and clear it up, but when all failed, it lead this mom down the path of developing her own.  After a lot of research Jen developed the Skin Soothing Butter, which to her delight helped her son’s eczema a lot.  Since then many more products have followed and now Pumpkins and Peanuts produces a variety of natural products for the whole family.


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