Have hormonal imbalances during pregnancy and after turned you into a sweaty, sweaty momma? Let’s face it, it is hard to keep those pits, boobs and down-under in the “happy zone” as busy moms. Well, what if there was one local product that could take care of all three of those areas? Between pregnancy changes, delivery, feeding, diaper changes, and household chores and errands, there is little time for you.

That’s why we sent Undercarriage to HOT mommas Shannon and Jennifer.



My package had arrived, I had been waiting for this day for what seemed like FOREVER, but who am I kidding, it was super fast shipping 🙂 Once I opened my package I was excited to see that there was a personal note for me and the product packaging was very simple yet effective.

My first thought when I was about to smell the lavender was honestly “oh no, lavender, I’m not the biggest fan of lavender”, but after opening the jar and taking a small whiff the smell was nothing short of AMAZING; it has a sweetness to it and a lavender smell that is not at all overpowering. In fact, this has become my 2nd favourite scent only next to vanilla. The vanilla smell is exactly that – vanilla, but it doesn’t smell like a cheap vanilla extract, more like a nice fresh vanilla bean. Coconut lime is another amazing scent, I have to admit I thought this would be the clear favourite, but it came in a close third.

I have been using this product since the day it came in the mail, and I can officially say that I will NOT be going back to gross stick pore-clogging anti-persperiants. I am a runner and an avid gym goer – I sweat A LOT, and I really do mean A LOT. This product does not block the sweat, and that’s a good thing, sweat is your body’s way of naturally cooling down, so it makes ‘scents’ to wear a natural deodorant.

My first run with the product; I chose the vanilla. It went on super smooth and not at all greasy. I used it where it is intended under my arms, breasts and belt. I definitely sweat (who wouldn’t when running outside in 25 degree weather) it was not a gross sweat at the end though, I actually felt drier and I also felt that the vanilla scent was still sticking around.

My next run I chose the Lavender and again same thing, the scent was a little more faint but I kind of enjoyed that, and I feel like with the lavender the bugs seemed to stay away more too 🙂 BONUS! 

I only used the coconut lime for a few gym days, it was good just as the others, I just gravitate more towards the other scents.

Overall this product is amazing, it will for sure have me as a customer for years to come. I thought at first the price point may be a little up there, but then I tried the product, it lasts an amazingly long time, and I am still going strong on my containers; you only need a pea sized amount to apply, and, viola, it is all fresh 🙂 I would definitely recommend this product for everyone, and being all natural, it would be safe for those looking to use it on their children, I have read some mamas asking about deodorant for their 8 year-olds and this is what I would be suggesting for sure.

Go out right now and buy this product, you will NOT regret it!

Keep your undercarriage and arms smelling fresh all day.



I absolutely LOVE Undercarriage. I haven’t used the product “under my carriage” (yet) but it 100% works amazingly under my arms, even in the sticky summer heat.

As background, I’ve been using natural deodorants for as long as I remember. My go-to is “Tom’s”, not because I love it (it is pretty mediocre), but because there aren’t too many natural choices out there. This summer, I tried another natural brand which worked well as a detox, but after about 3 weeks, the stink came back.

Now, I’ve used Undercarriage for about a month and even on day two or three of no-shower (I barely have enough time to bathe my child, let alone get myself showered), the Undercarriage deodorant cleverly works with my body to keep the stink away. The cream itself smells AH-mazing! Lavender, Vanilla, and Coconut Lime… sounds (and smells) like a dessert menu to me.

Part of the reason I’ve made the switch to natural beauty products is because of my daughter. Whenever Eleanor sees me apply my deodorant, she wants to wear it too. And though I don’t encourage it, it’s nice to be able to have fun with her without worrying about chemicals on my little one. I have one disclaimer for anybody who is going to try Undercarriage (and you all should!): read the directions! I was too excited, and the first few days, I neglected to read the directions. It is very important to let the deodorant cream melt in your fingers before applying, or it just goes on flaky. But if you let it melt, it goes on like a dream–no mess, no stink.  To steal their tag line, “dry it”! You’ll LOVE IT!


Julie Dorion is the talented inventor behind Undercarriage Deodorant,  One day when watching her 12 year old daughter smear a deodorant stick under her arms one day, it hit her! She had always used non-toxic products around the house, but as far as health and beauty products she was failing herself and her children. When she looked for a natural deodorants, she was not happy with what was on the market. So the experimenting started. After batches and brave friends, and family testers she had a final product.

Can’t wait to get your hands on Undercarriage? Don’t sweat it!

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Also, you can find Undercarriage at the FOURTH Annual Etsy Made and Canada Show here in Ottawa! September 23,24 Fieldhouse at the Bell Sensplex.

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