KÄLLABABY REVIEW: Procare Date Night

Most people agree that, in theory, a date night is an important ritual for parents, but making it a reality can be a lot tougher.  So what are the resources available locally to help you ditch the kids and set aside some time for your much-needed play date? Well, we put ProCare’s date night to the test.


Here is what Jennifer & John, and little Eleanor had to say:



I was anticipating this date night for WEEKS! John and I were going on a date night, in our lovely ‘hood of Hintonburg / Wellington West (I never know where one starts or ends). We would drop our daughter off and then head out to one of the fabulous hot spots in the neighbourhood.


We arrived at ProCare just after 5, talking it up to Eleanor that she was going to a party! (It turns out, the other family we saw there, who have used the service a few times prior, called it the “Party House” so we were on point.)


After a few minutes of introducing Eleanor to the toys, meeting the instructors and getting the run down of the evening, we said goodbye and left without any fuss. Now it was time for our party to start…


Our go-to would be a “fancy” dinner AKA some place we wouldn’t normally take our two year-old to. BUT this Saturday night, we decided to live it up with bowling at West Side Lanes.


With a pitcher of Beau’s and our rented bowling shoes, we were ready to party. I won the first game (woot!) and John went on to win the next two. It turns out he got better with beer, and I did not… The entire time we bowled, danced, laughed, and didn’t worry about Eleanor once! It really was a stress-free date night!


Though the date night service is offered from 5 to 9, we picked Eleanor up shortly after 7, and she was smiling away. She ran to see us and told us how much fun she had.

When asked, “do you want to go to the party house again?” she replied “YES!” with much delight.


Easy to say, it was a win-win and we will definitely be using ProCare’s affordable date night service in the future!







Tiffany and Erin are the owners of ProCare Family Centre their vision is to provide quality care for children and peace of mind for parents.

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