KÄLLABABY Review: Savonnerie Saponaria

When it comes to your family, are you looking for skin-friendly, fun, and minimally processed products? Källababy wanted to find a good local option! So, we sent 2 local moms, Angie and Emily, and their families some Savonnerie Saponaria products for an independent review.



With all the options out there now it is hard to find the time and money to discover the best products for our children. As a mom, I believe the products that I put on their skin are extremely important! So, when the opportunity was presented to test bath bubbles from Saponaria Soapery we were thrilled! Not only could we test their product but we could have fun in the bath as well.

Saponaria Soapery products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals. “Only families” they say. And we were up to the task.

The Monkey Farts Bubble Bath was a hit with my 11 year old as the name intrigued her from the start and made her laugh each time. Her and I appreciated the smell – banana (of course!), kiwi, mango, strawberry, and vanilla. There were fewer bubbles then traditional products but we knew this from using other vegan products and appreciated more the product being natural. We have used it for months now and both children continue to enjoy the scent and the bubbles each night, but most importantly it was gentle for my 15 month old’s skin as well. It is important that we have products we can use for both ages, that are safe, natural, and do their job. With their clean and simple packaging and easy to use website this product also proved to smell great after each bath, leaving my children clean and their skin soft.


My husband J and I are the parents of two boys; R turned 6 recently, and Baby G arrived in February. We are a vegan family, and we use fragrance-free castile soap on our kids for bathtime. When I saw an opportunity to review Saponaria’s vegan / cruelty-free, locally-made (Val-des-Monts) soap, I was intrigued.

There were two bars of soap for us to sample: Unscented and Black Raspberries.

The soaps are nicely presented — simple paper wraps, with the company name stamped into each bar. The colours of the Black Raspberry soap, though unnecessary, are pretty, and the Unscented is white.

I have an almost nonexistent sense of smell while my husband J’s sense of smell is practically a super-power. Diaper changing is a breeze for me, while he’s in charge of sniffing food for freshness. Despite this, I found the fragrance of the Black Raspberries soap strong — though pleasant — even before opening the package. I thought J might complain but he said something like “It actually smells nice,” high praise from a guy who finds perfumes generally offensive. Once we started using the soap, the smell subsided. The Unscented soap also has a slight fragrance, but it too is agreeable.

The ingredient lists on these are short, especially for the Unscented soap, filled with recognizable terms for most. The Black Raspberries soap includes “parfum” and some colours, which may turn some people off.

The soaps don’t dry skin out and they lather up nicely, yet aren’t over-the-top with their suds. I did a “sit-in-water” test and, like all bar soaps, they do get gummy, but after I poured the water off, they dried out relatively quickly and kept their shape.

For people who enjoy handmade bar soaps, Saponaria’s are great.

I would personally prefer less fragrance in the flavoured soap, but I realize this is a completely subjective critique. The fact that these are cruelty-free and made locally are selling points for some, and just bonus points for everyone else.


Saponaria Soapery wants your family to feel good both inside and out and offer a full range of natural family friendly products made by hand. Their goal is to offer high quality products that are good for your skin and that will please you. With a wide range of scented or unscented soaps, with or without essential oils that are 100% natural.  Creations made by this family right here in the National Capital region are filled with passion and in accordance with the craftsmanship of their ancestors.


Can’t wait to get your hands on Savonnerie Saponaria?

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