KÄLLABABY REVIEW: Iron North Pre/Post Natal Strength

Getting back into shape after having a baby can be daunting but can provide so many benefits to postpartum moms.

Don’t know where to start?

Where to find your mom tribe while getting back a positive body image and having fun with your baby?

Källababy sent Anne to review an entire summer session of Iron North Studio’s Pre/Post Natal Strength Series (age 0-creepers)


Here is what she has to say:

I got my interest in exercise back.  I started the Iron North Studio babes and mamas class seven weeks post-partum. Yes, it was on the early side. Yes, I had no muscles or endurance to speak of, and yes, I needed to get out of the house!

I’ve loved doing post-partum exercise classes in the past. It is such an excellent way to feel good, gain much-needed energy and meet other moms. The Iron North class was no different.  Our instructor Sam was extremely welcoming and encouraging. Several of the other women had already doing the class for several weeks, which made me nervous that the class would be too difficult. I was so weak in the most delicate of areas, and also so tired in general, from having a baby. Sam encouraged me to just go at my own pace. There was absolutely no pressure.

I was assured I would get stronger and would be able to do more in the classes as time went on. I was skeptical. However, within only a couple of weeks I was beginning to feel more fit and stronger. Sam was right!  I was also feeling good! I was out in the fresh air, getting exercise and meeting people. Just what I needed. I was also less tired! SCORE.

This is my third baby so I’ve done several post pregnancy classes before.  It struck me that the exercises were less focused on Pilates-style core and pelvic floor exercises than I was used to in such a setting.  I would like more emphasis on this area, nevertheless, there was loads of great legs, bums and core work. You could really push yourself physically with these classes or go slowly, and always at your own pace.

The vibe of the class was lovely. The other mom’s were friendly (naturally) as was Sam. Sam and co-gym owner, Jenna, worked really hard to foster a friendly, non-intimidating environment and made it easy for others doing the class to connect. They were very accommodating of babies (as you’d hope!) but still, I never take it for granted. If babies screamed during the class they were happy to push strollers or rock babies so we could exercise. They made baby changes as feeding really easy pre and post class.  As mom’s themselves they know these details are important if mama’s are going to be able to get some semblance of exercise.

They were good at listening, asking us how the class was going and what we’d like to focus on next time. Every class was different from the last so we were never bored. I was so impressed too, that at the end of the six week session Sam organized a coffee/breakfast morning at a coffee morning for us all to meet at. Such a great idea and an awesome personal touch.

All in all, I can’t wait for the next session to start!


  Iron North Studio offers a variety classes and workshops for families

Whether you are planning to get pregnant, in your first trimester or just gave birth, there will be something for everyone.



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