Capturing Baby’s First Year

Every parent sets out to take pictures of their little one, but we all know that life can get in the way, and sometimes important moments are left uncaptured (or worse, lost in technology limbo!), and eventually become a distant memory.

They say the days are long, but the years are short, and boy were they right! 

As a photographer it is my duty and greatest privilege to be able to provide tangible memories from those important moments and milestones, in order for you to be able to look back on those memories and relive those moments as if they were yesterday.


And I get it, photography can be expensive if it were something that you are doing every every week or every month. In fact I’ve got an article publishing soon about all the cool milestone photos you can capture yourself throughout their first year. So let’s agree to keep the splurging on professional images for important moments and big milestones, and that your cell phone is perfectly capable of capturing the adorable in between moments.


ellie-7-months-sitting-milestone-Ellie-baby-grey-flokati-sitter-pink-vintage-cabled-upcycled-romper-daddymackhats-900x615That’s why I have set out to create Baby Days, because they grow up so darn fast. These all-day events are held every few months, and allow for new parents to freeze time and capture those big milestones and baby’s new skills through their first year. The milestones that are great for sending update photos to friends and family, or to add to their baby book are smiling and grabbing their toes, being able to hold up tummy-time by themselves, sitting unassisted, crawling, standing, and some even start walking before their first birthday. This leave the opportunity for splurging on your first family portraits, and celebrating their first birthday with a personality session (cake smash, finger paint, favourite food, ect.–the options are endless!).


During these photo events we focus on capturing babies and their new skills, so that you can have a beautiful art piece to display or send out. All of the wonderful print products available to Pure Natural Newborn Photography clients are available to Baby Days participants, and you are also able to use any of the adorable little baby outfits at the studio for the session. This makes it miles easier for mom, knowing baby can be wearing ‘whatever fits‘ to head out the doors because the studio has a multitude of options for them to wear.


– Cheers, Stephanie


If you want to learn more about this local event please visit the Baby Days page, or call 613-371-4594 and Stephanie is more than happy to tell you all about it. Experience a full-service studio from start to finish.

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