Oh Baby!  5 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

They have been asking for months and everyone wants to know… is it a boy or girl.

So, whether you plan to have an epic announcement or reveal in a simple way, we have sourced some unique ideas. There is something for everyone and we highlighted some local resources to save you time, so you can relax, grow that baby, and enjoy the surprise.

Lashes or Staches

 Include everyone with this feminine and masculine gender reveal party called “Lashes and Stashes”. Have fun decorating in pinks, golds, and blues. End the party with cutting into a cake to reveal blue or pink candy. Need some inspiration? Check this blog by Momtastic

 Water Gun


Get your guests or the siblings involved with the fun as you become a water-gun target using colour to reveal the gender of your new addition. Blue & Green or Pink & purple, inspired by this photo. Check out more details Here

Photo: macon-photography.com

Confetti or Smoke Cannon

Let the confetti rain or the smoke fly as you celebrate this remarkable event with blue or pink. It’s a festive gender reveal!

For a confetti pinata reveal, more information Here

Smoke and Confetti cannons provide unique reveal options. Poof There It Is also offers sport-themed and car tire reveals. This a fun idea to get siblings involved. Find the details Here


DIY Egg Package

Sometimes you can’t have all your loved ones at the party. So, here is a cute way to include them in the excitement.  Learn to make these egg packages Here

Local resources to help you plan your perfect reveal

Prim & Popping  is an Ottawa based celebration stationery stylist creating custom and personalized stationery decor and paper party goodies!



Valentinas Sweet Treats  

 Valentina’s homemade sweet treats offers a wide variety of desserts from cupcakes and cake-pops with a modern flare.


Sugar Sugar Ottawa   is owned by a mom who is officially cookie obsessed. Her cookies are so beautiful and unique. Absolutely, nothing is out of the question as a possible cookie.




For more local options just search Kallababy

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