KÄLLABABY REVIEW: Kneaded Touch Women’s Clinic Barrhaven

Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world and can come with high levels of stress. This is why we sent one of our independent mom reviewers, Irina to Kneaded Touch Women’s Clinic Barrhaven

Here is what she had to say:


Most days I am juggling a jam-packed schedule; mixed with daycare and school drop off, work meetings, swim or dance classes, dinner planning, and bedtime routines. It is non-stop and by the end of the day, there never tends to be time for personal self-care.


I’ll admit my children are young and they have demanding needs. I am told with time it changes but I can’t depend on that now, time for me to recharge is equally important!


Through my own research and feedback, I heard booking yourself for a massage was one way to ensure you got the much needed ‘me’ time taken care of. I’ve heard wonderful things about the benefits of massage and it’s ability to cleanse toxins from the body, with the after-effect in a boost of energy!


So when I heard of a local women’s clinic on the way to my daughter’s daycare drop off in Barrhaven, I knew this was my sign! Located at the corner of Borrisokane Road and Strandherd Drive Kneaded Touch is super easy to get to for anyone living in the Barrhaven neighborhood. There are other shopping centers surrounding this location, the convenience of being able to do other errands after an appointment was very appealing to me!


Upon contacting Kneaded Touch I was greeted on the phone by Alyson Abbott. She was friendly and patient with all my questions about the booking process. She was clear in her explanations and had me set up with their online portal within minutes. I was able to log in and fill out all my medical details and write down areas to address during my first massage session. It was super easy and within 10 minutes I had my information submitted. I loved this online option, as I was able to track my information as well as see my appointments and future bookings electronically! A reminder was submitted 48 hours before my appointment, a nice perk to their digital system.


On the day of my appointment, Alyson greeted me warmly, I immediately felt welcomed. Having never been to a massage session before I pointed out to Alyson how nervous I was. We spent the first 10 minutes reviewing my submitted forms, which also allowed me time to get answers to my own health questions. By the end of those first minutes, she reassuring me that I was very much in charge of the pace of my session. I could tell her at any point if I found her touch painful or uncomfortable. This made me feel comfortable and respected.


The room was super cozy and the air was filled with the most relaxing diffusion of essential oils. The lights were dimmed and really allowed you to unwind and relax. Alyson had a wonderful grouping of photos on the wall of her and her daughter. This showed me how much she shares a part of her personality with each of her patients. Her massage room made me feels welcomed. As well as gave me supporting feelings towards implementing this process into my self-care regime.


By the end, I had completely melted into a relaxed state and could feel my body relax. It had been a long time since I had felt this state, what a pleasant surprise!


At the end of the appointment, Alyson advised me to check in with my body as the day progresses and keep hydrated. As well as, listen to my body’s inner voice and let her know how I feel by tomorrow. I walked out feeling calm, balanced, grounded and really happy. I had done something powerful and nourishing for my mind and body.


Later in the day, I even rewarded myself with a nap before having to pick up my two kids from school! My body rested and felt even more amazing.


Thank you, Alyson, for your warm and welcoming touch



Kneaded Touch Women’s Clinic – Barrhaven

Is a clinic that focuses on providing pre, peri and postnatal massage, as well as classes and other services for women, infants, and children’s health.

All their therapists have extensive training in pre and postnatal massage.



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