Tired together or rested apart?

Just like finances, a couple’s sleeping arrangements can be a big taboo topic for discussions with each other and with friends.

With the demands of work, home, and parenting we are always playing catch-up with sleep. Some are deciding that separate bedrooms are the key to recovering from sleep deprivation and preserving their happy relationship. Yes, you heard me right! Separate bedrooms can mean a better relationship and are not a sign of troubled waters ahead. It has been confirmed by a survey from the National Sleep Foundation that one in four couples happily sleep in separate beds.

While for some sleeping separately may conjure up images of your grandparents’ bedroom with two single beds and matching floral bed covers, this is not what’s happening in 2018.  Some modern forward- thinking couples are embracing the concept of two master bedrooms; a space that they can call their own. A place where they can build emotional closeness that benefits their relationship with nighttime routines that include cuddling and sex. This is followed by returning to their own spaces suited to their taste and sleep needs.

Here are some reasons to consider this option:


  • You snore like a freight train. It happens and it can be really disruptive to your partners and your own self if you are the one getting the elbow.


  • Different mattress preferences or decor choices where you can express your masculine or feminine sides


  • You are a very light sleeper while your partner is a deep sleeper who moves around a lot.


  • You like lots of blankets and they do not. You can sleep so much better without someone else in the bed to consider.


  • You go to bed early and wake up early, they stay up late and get up late.



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