Great news, despite all the ice and snow outside, the days are getting longer and summer is not too far away now! So, cheer up and get inspired. Whether you are a family of seasoned campers or you are still deciding on the whole camping gig with the kids in tow, these simple, but ingenious hacks are sure to help you feel at home in the great outdoors!

Dine in Style


1. Grilled banana boats. Cut the skin and banana lengthwise leaving one side intact, stuff with chocolate chips, sweet coconut flakes, mini marshmallows or any toppings you want. Wrap in foil, grill, then eat with a spoon! Credit: lickmyspoon.com





2. Roast Starbursts like you would marshmallows. Credit: pinterest.com







3. Make campfire cones. Pack waffle cones with fruit, chocolate, marshmallows, and other yummy treats, wrap in foil, grill, and enjoy.  Credit: KidsActivitiesBlog.com








4. Soda can popcorn. Fill an empty can 1/4 of the way with popcorn kernels, add popcorn oil, set by the campfire and wait. When the pops are more than 2 seconds apart, cut the can open and enjoy your popcorn. Credit: survivallife.com




5. Tacos in a bag. Prepare taco meat and all the fixings, slightly crush the chips inside individual Doritos bags, place the taco ingredients inside the bags. Grab a fork, mix, and eat straight from the bag! Credit: cometogetherkids.com





Simple Life

6. Is your child getting ready for his/her first overnight camp? Pack like a pro! Check with the camp what type of trunk is required for storage. Get an end-of-bed shoe bag for easy storage. Pack rolled socks and underwear in mesh washing bags, pack extra pairs. Pack rolled outfits and pj’s in clear labelled Ziploc bags. Pack fragile items inside cushioning items like a comforter. Pack extra plastic bags and empty Ziplocs. Ask the camp about the required type of laundry bags. Double up on sun protection items: extra hat, sunglasses, sun-screen. Remember insect repellent. Do not go crazy with first aid items; every camp has an infirmary. Prepare a bathroom kit with toiletries and shower shoes. Do not forget your child’s favourite comfort item and a couple of home mementos. Finally, print a list of all the items and put a copy in the trunk. Credit: sheknows.com


7. Attach a cork to your keys and never lose them in water.









8. Keep your toilet paper dry inside a coffee can. Credit: pinterest.com









9. Use Doritos chips as kindling to start your campfire. Credit: pinterest.com








10. Attach a headlamp or your phone to an empty water jug and you have a lantern! Credit: creativegreenliving.com




11. Don’t rely on a lighter, prepare a DIY water-proof matchbox. Grab an empty pill bottle, strike-anywhere matches, glue a piece of sandpaper under the lid or put one inside the bottle, put the matches in, and tighten the lid. Bonus – this waterproof matchbox is also unsinkable! Credit: lifebuzz.com





12. Burn dried sage in the campfire as an insect repellent.







13. Why pack ice? Chill your cooler with frozen water in plastic bottles to save space. Credit: 50campfires.com




14. Use the humble shoe organizer to keep your field kitchen in order. Credit: lifehacker.com


15. Soak a few cotton pads in wax and use them as fire-starters. Credit: lifehacker.com


Safety First

16. Use an acorn cap as a super-loud emergency whistle. Credit: survivaltek.com





17. No phone, no compass? No problem, use the sewing needle from your emergency kit. Rub it a few times on your clothing to magnetize it, place it on a leaf in water and watch it point north! Credit: bushcraft basics



18. Wrap some duct tape around your water bottle instead of packing a whole roll. Credit: reddit.com



19. Learn to use your fingers to estimate remaining daylight. Credit: prepforshtf.com



20. Create an emergency kit in a pill bottle. Ingredients: aluminium foil, needle and thread, mini lighter, mini flashlight, band-aids, sanitizing wipes, antimicrobial cream portioned in heat-sealed bits of a drinking straw, matches, safety pins, a piece of candy. Finally, wrap your bottle with a bit of strong cord. Credit: littlethings.com







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