KÄLLABABY REVIEW: exhālō Spa’s Salt room

Can dry salt therapy help your family find comfort from symptoms, and improve overall well-being during cold season? Well, Kallababy sent mom Emily to review exhālō Spa’s Family Day.

Here is what she had to say:

My name is Emily. My husband J and I are the parents of two boys; R is 7.5 years old, and Baby G is 20 months old. I had heard about the health and mood benefits of salt therapy (aka halotherapy) in past, so I was intrigued when the opportunity became available to review exhālō Spa’s Family Day, which is when they open their Salt Room to parents and kids on Sundays.

I would have loved to have also tried one of their spa treatments or to have signed R up for their kids’ meditation class but logistics didn’t work out. I was still very excited to book our session in the Salt Room.

The Salt Room is housed in the middle of the salon, which otherwise looks just like any nice spa you’d visit. The staff were friendly, and my kids felt comfortable from the get-go. They set us up in the Salt Room with a few blankets and a box of toys; the lights were dimmed, the door slid shut, and we were left to entertain ourselves for 45 minutes.



The room was smaller than I’d envisioned — just large enough to comfortably house a half dozen lounge chairs — but we were happy to sit on the floor between the chairs. As the only people in the room, we were comfortable to play freely — with the toys, the chairs, and with the salt itself which covers the entire floor of the room. I do wonder if I’d have been anxious about disturbing other clients had there been any during the same session.




A bit during and definitely afterwards, we all experienced some sneezing, more peeing than usual (R went twice during the 45-minute session, when he can usually hold it for hours at a time!), and I had post-nasal drip for the next couple of days. All of this was in keeping with what we were told to expect. The morning after the session, both boys slept until an unheard-of 8 a.m. (though G did have his usually nighttime wake-ups) — a good hour later than usual. R expressed really enjoying his time there, and has since asked to return. I do think I’d like to bring them back as a treat sometime and, if we weren’t on a budget, would consider making it a regular thing. 10am-4pm child-friendly, “Family Day” Sunday’s at exhālō Spa for sure.

Family Day

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On Sundays exhālō Spa’s Halotherapy Room becomes a playful Salt Box complete with toys and salty “sand”.  Parents can enjoy the benefits of Salt Therapy alongside their children, and mom can even bring her child to enjoy a mini spa day together with her.  Children may also accompany you to your spa or hair service appointments and breast feeding moms are also welcome.  Salt Therapy is 100% natural, drug-free and non-invasive. Relax while you treat symptoms of asthma, allergies, sinus congestion and more. Babies breathe for FREE and children 12 and under are only $5 (when accompanied by a paying Adult). Salt room meditation classes for children (drop off, no adults allowed)  $20/child.

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