Kallababy Review: Wild Child Coffee Project

Being parents ourselves we know how necessary play is – for parent and child alike. There are days when you’d give anything to have 5 minutes to enjoy your coffee or tea while it’s still hot, knowing your child is enjoying themselves in a safe environment. Wild Child Coffee Project was created with both parent and child in mind.

We sent Angie to visit and this is what she had to say:

As a stay at home mom of three, I am always looking for places to enjoy with my kids. So when I heard of a new coffee shop opening that was for my kids and myself I was excited to try it out! Let’s be honest, most kid friendly places are just designed for kids. You can’t even bring your coffee or tea. I have tried many times to go to a coffee shop and bring a child with me but there is nothing there for them and it often doesn’t seem acceptable. How can a social place not be welcoming to children? A play cafe is brilliant.

I met the mom behind this, Paige, as I walked in for the first time. She was sitting and nursing her baby with a warm welcome. She decided set up a place where parents could go and enjoy a space with their children, a place to find community, and where you can also find great coffee and food. Because children are part of our world too aren’t they? Thank you, Paige!

The location is great because it is very central. Currently most places for kids are either West or East end. This offers a more central location for parents. In the heart of Westboro it is so easy to pop in if you are out shopping or just need a great cup of coffee.

The big test was the play area itself which I was pleasantly impressed by. It was very bright, and had open ended toys. I took my 3 year old and ten month old to get them to test it out. It worked for both! There are some climbing structures, a tent, building toys, even good old fashioned books. Both my children enjoyed a few hours here and so did my husband and I. It was so nice to be in a space with them and be enjoying a coffee with each other. It should always be this easy. There was a good flow of people coming in, some stayed awhile while others just for a quick play. All like minded looking for a great space and some great coffee.

The cafe itself is extremely well thought out. There are places to sit at the window, large tables for families, smaller sitting area for nursing or individual space. A larger area with a couch for more relaxed sitting. Even a few rocking chairs. It is modern, but cozy. Bright, clean, and well laid out. There is a washroom in the kids play area which is super convenient, and one out in the main area. The kids area is open so that you can can see them from the cafe side. Parents can have their coffee on one side while interacting and engaging with their kids, or be right in the play area with them. There is plenty of seating in the play area. 

Next to great space and coffee? We were greeted by friendly staff who made us GREAT coffee. They had healthy snacks for the kids and just enough options of baked goods. The music was on in the background and the service friendly. Honestly, the vibe was cool and I felt like this was a place I could stay awhile. We did! We had such a great time and I have to say it was so nice to enjoy coffee in a great atmosphere with my kids. 

For anyone looking for great coffee, a cool hip spot with a good vibe while you enjoy your kids – we will see you there. 

Thank you Angie for sharing your Wild Child experience with us. Thank you to Paige for creating a great space for Ottawa families.

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  1. Diane Scharfe says:

    It sounds like a great idea. As a grandmother I would love to visit with my grandsons and their mom and/or dad. It looks light a bright and happy place, thanks for the new ideas. Cheers Diane & Reid Scharfe

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