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We are your virtual concierge for all your family-related needs. No web browsers, no apps, no social media, no wasted time. When looking for local products, services or events, simply text us your question and get a prompt solution based on your specific needs. We will make sure you get what you want! Of course, you are always welcome to browse our site as well. It contains a wealth of useful locally-sourced information.

Källababy is run by a family from Ottawa, Canada. We are Marnie and Ivan, scientists by trade, working in the fields of toxicology and chemistry, respectively. However, when we hang up our lab coats for the day, our second job, a true labour of love, begins. We take pride in being able to help parents and local businesses by making it easier for them to connect and grow together. We are athletic, health-minded, curious, and passionate about making a positive impact in our community. We love the human factor in our interactions with local families and entrepreneurs. We go out, meet them, and form relationships, that’s what makes the real difference in our fast-paced digital age – getting to know the people, the neighbours, the stories… Källababy is committed to providing a high-quality service emphasizing a personal friendly approach.


 “Keep it Simple”!  Based on our personal experience as parents, our first major goal is to provide (prospective) parents efficient access to local products and services in a world dominated by big corporations and information overload. We want to save your valuable time by giving you the  details necessary to make important family-related decisions all wrapped up in a neat little package.

“Think Global, Act Local”!  As community members we also recognize the importance of promoting and nurturing local entrepreneurs with their interesting, unique products and services as well as brand new ideas. Businesses that work with growing families are in a great position to benefit from an all-in-one resource that is Källababy. In addition to reaching a wide audience of potential clients, business owners are encouraged to network with each other and take advantage of our Business Services section where we showcase many talented business support specialists.

For example, do you have an idea for a great new product? The road-to-market can be challenging to navigate alone, while figuring out how to proceed will take up your valuable time. With  Källababy, you can instantly connect with product developers, regulatory affairs consultants, and testing labs all of which will be helpful to you on your journey to success. If your business is established and you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can easily get in touch with a wholesale distributor, a business consultant, or a visual communications specialist.

Retail store owners, are you looking to add new and different products to your stock? Have a look at the listings in the Products section!  Similarly, if your business makes products intended for growing families, why not reach new customers by teaming up with our retail store owners? In a nutshell, business networking opportunities on our site are numerous and you can do it all in one place!