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Gesa Harmston, Certified Life Coach, Pre/Postnatal

Ottawa, Ontario,
613 265 4372
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Becoming a new mom is one of the most wonderful and rewarding changes in life, and it also happens to be one of the most overwhelming. In between the moments of joy can hide feelings of isolation, exhaustion, and self-doubt. But sometimes, all you need is a little support – someone to listen, empower you to seek clarity in your choices, and help you find strength in change.

"Gesa has provided me with amazing perspective to help me think through my own personal road blocks. She is a kind professional who speaks from her own experiences and challenges." Nefertiti

“Gesa has been coaching me for three years through having two kids. I could not have navigated this journey with such honesty without her. Her coaching allowed me to identify the things that were important to me and face my fears." Adrienne

"Having shared pregnancy, childbirth, and the transition into working mother twice over with Gesa, I can honestly say she has been a source of strength and support through these periods of change for me." Rebecca