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Healthy Meal Plan.Ca

1589 Bank St
Ottawa, Ontario, K1H7Z3
(613) 695-3330
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Spend more time with your family. Healthy Meal Plan. Ca provides your whole family with freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to your doorstep everyday. Save time and money, but most importantly, stay healthy. Healthy Meal Plan has 10 years of experience taking care of everyone from new moms, busy bodies, and seniors. All menu items are made from scratch, full of flavour and crafted with your health and nutrition in mind. Perfect for after baby arrives, as a baby shower gift for new parents, or if you just need a break from cooking!

For someone who is extremely busy, Healthy Meal Plan has me covered! This meal delivery service is incredible and is ideal for people who want to eat great tasting, healthy food! My taste buds have not been bored. M Medas

I teach 3+ yoga classes + work out every day and never seem to find time and energy to make and eat all the calories my body needs. Healthy Meal Plan saved me! Their meals are delicious, fresh and creative. Thank you! A Holly

As a mom, full time professional and the owner of Healthy meal plan has helped me save so much time and keep on track with my fitness goals. Amazing food, down to earth service and locally owned with passion! Marnie