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The Happy Sleep Company

Ottawa, ON, K1T 1J2
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I use a supportive and caring approach to help parents help their little ones gain the healthy, restful sleep they need for proper development. I am committed to working with families to develop a customized sleep plan that will work for each family's individual situation and parenting style, to ensure your little one gains proper, lifelong, healthy sleep habits.

Our whole world has changed for the better when we worked with Erin. The program worked like a dream but what really made the difference was the personal support and guidance we received throughout the whole process. Thank you, Kayla (8month old Liv)

After working with Erin, we had a child who miraculously slept through the night and napped for 1-1.5 hours at a time! We were totally flabbergasted by these results! The positive change is not only in our child's sleeping habits. Nadine

Erin was terrific! Her sleep plan for our daughter changed our life...what an early Christmas present, the gift of sleep! Our daughter had gone from being cranky and overtired constantly to fun, cheerful and well rested! Erin, mom of a 6-month old.