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Success In Steps - Parent Support & Behaviour Consulting

Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 0N6
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Working with families is my passion! After working with children directly for over 16 years and becoming a parent myself, I came to realize that if you provide the parents with the tools to overcome challenges it can create a positive impact for the whole family. One-on-one parent consulting will provide you, the parent with the support and the strategies for the most important job any of us will ever have. Success in Steps offers the following services: Potty Training Service, Behaviour Consultation (including special needs) and Family Balance & Organization.

Working with Sylvia has helped so much in our daily lives as parents to two young kids. It has given us confidence and tools to help us through difficult times. We could never thank you enough :) Ashleigh, mom of 2.

You're extremely personable and patient. You're a good listener and offer the right suggestions to whatever needs I have. Your support and strategies were effective, and it's apparent from the positive results we've seen so far. Lindsay, mom of 2.

Our twins are potty trained! I was uncertain at first but I was proven wrong. In addition, their behaviours have reduced significantly by implementing the strategies you have taught us. The experience was amazing! Kim, mother of autistic twins.