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Restful Parenting

27 Robina Ave
Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 9P9
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We (Elisa and Pam) are Holistic Infant and Child Sleep Consultants, Early Childhood Educators and Parenting Experts. Our years of experience in the childcare field has led us down the path towards helping families with parenting and sleep challenges offering them step by step guidance and support to help them teach their children how to have restful, healthy sleep. We combine our understanding of your needs with a number of methods and techniques to create a program that is suited to your child's temperament and your parenting style. * All services can be done in-home or via Skype, phone with email support.

I can’t believe how much stress this took off of our shoulders. Having the plan and support has made such a huge difference. Knowing that you were there every step of the way reduced my stress about whether or not I was doing it right!

I wish I had done it sooner! I had been trying to work on my child's sleep for months when I finally reached out to Restful Parenting. Elisa was amazing with finding the right method for my little one that I was also comfortable with. So grateful!

I was reluctant to work on sleep as I did not want to do CIO. Pam worked with me to find an approach that was gentle and responsive. She is a great sleeper now because we worked with you! You will never know how much you have changed our lives!